Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules: Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon for Diabetics
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Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules: Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon for Diabetics

Ceylon cinnamon capsules have been proven to help diabetics control their blood sugar level. Ceylon cinnamon is often referred to as true cinnamon. It is grown in many parts of Asia and has been used in alternative medicine for a number of years. The chief advantage of this spice is its price. It is also easy to obtain in most countries.

Ceylon cinnamon capsules have a number of benefits for diabetic patients. This spice is taken in a variety of ways. While some people have the product in capsule form on a regular basis, many people take it as a powder sprinkled on their favorite foods. It has a number of benefits for people with diabetes and those who are sufferig from other illnesses. Researchers in Egypt have shown that rats with diabetes have experienced improved health after ingesting Ceylon cinnamon regularly. These capsules have been proven to have a hypolipidemic effect as well.

This is good news for diabetic patients around the world. This illness affects millions of people around the globe very year. A number of diabetic patients go on to develop complications from the disease. They may lose their eyesight, lose weight and even lose their limbs when they do not manage the illness well. Almost three million persons die each year from this sickness.

Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules: Research

In the study diabetes was induced in male rats. The mammals were then divided into groups. Each set received a different dosage of Ceylon cinnamon. The amount that they received ranged from 200 to 1200 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. The natural product was shown to lower the fasting blood glucose in the animals that were treated. The control mammals that did not receive any cinnamon did not experience a reduction in their blood glucose level.

Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules: Drop in Cholesterol Level 

Those mammals that were treated with the cinnamon also experienced a drop in their low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). They also experienced improvements in body weight gain. These positive changes were still noticeable two weeks after they had stopped taking Ceylon cinnamon.

The results of the study indicate that controlling body weight is best achieved by using natural spices such as this one with well balanced meals while exercising regularly. People who take Ceylon cinnamon will be able to control their blood sugar level and the amount of cholesterol in their body. In fact, people have been using this product to control diabetes for a very long time. If you are not diabetic, you can enjoy Ceylon cinnamon sticks with your best blue cheese dressing as a snack.

 Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules: A Long History

Ceylon cinnamon is grown in countries like India, Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia. It is a mainstay in traditional Asian medicine and is used to treat diabetes mellitus. Both Russians and Koreans have enjoyed the health benefits of this spice for many years. It is employed in candies, teas and desserts.

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