Home Remedies to Control Your Diabetes
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Home Remedies to Control Your Diabetes

Five time tested home remedies for controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. These are easily available herbal remedies that any diabetic patient can follow safely. There are no side effects what so ever.

Diabetes is more of a disease which needs to be kept under control than one which can be cured forever. There are a number of home remedies which can help keep your blood sugar levels under control. My grand ma was a diabetes patient and a firm believer in what she called "Garelu Nuske" or Home Remedies. She tried to avoid taking diabetes medication for as long as she could. In fact in the 55 years that she suffered from the disease, she managed to keep it under control for 30 years.

It was only once she fractured her leg and could not keep up the exercises that she needed to start on insulin medication. Even then the 25 years that she took tablets, she was able to manipulate the blood sugar levels and keep them under control with her diet. Given here are the five things that she used. It was a combination of at least two to three of these herbal remedies that she had almost every day. These are time tested remedies which even have the approval of Ayurvedic practitioners. 

Methi dana or Fenugreek Seeds

Methi dana or Fenugreek seeds as they are called in English are a good herbal remedy to lower the blood glucose levels in a diabetic person. Here is how you can use them. Soak a tablespoon full of these seeds in a glass of water overnight. The next morning drink the water after decanting the seeds.

Jamun or Jambul Fruit

This small black fruit with purple flesh is again excellent for diabetic patients. The best thing is to eat about five fruits raw anytime during the day. However as these are seasonal fruit, you can get your daily doze of Jamun by getting a bottle of Jamun Juice which is available in the market easily. Make sure that the juice you buy has no added sugar. The daily dose is about 30 ml.

Bhindi or Lady Finger

The single lady finger or okra is also an unlikely help when it comes to controlling your sugar levels. Cut one lady finger into one inch pieces and soak it in a glass of water at night. The next morning strain the water away from the sticky lady finger and drink the water. Yes it does taste a bit sticky even after straining but think of it as medicine and swallow it.

Karela or Bitter Gourd

The Karela plant or the Bitter Gourd is again well known to help lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels. It is also beneficial for blood purification of you suffer from acne. However its bitter taste is a major obstacle to get over. You can eat the vegetable on a regular basis or just make some juice out of it. The Karela juice is most effective when taken early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Hari Mirchi or Green Chilli

The capsaicin is the active ingredient in hari mirchi or green chilli. It has a lot of curative properties. It is also the main ingredient in a pepper spray. It can cause burning on the skin which is quite strong. Contrary to popular belief the capsaicin is actually good for you if you are a diabetic patient. The way to eat it is not by eating the chilli raw. You soak a full green chilli with stem and all in a glass of water overnight. Then remove the chilli from the water and drink the capsaicin rich water.

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Ranked #36 in Diabetes

I love ayurvedic culture. This is one amazing write I must keep in my collections. please check my fenugreek write, thanks. http://factoidz.com/fenugreek-not-just-an-aphrodisiac/

This was very interesting you grandmother sounds like she has the right idea! I brought some fenugreek after I read Ron's article. you have my vote

Ranked #10 in Diabetes

Thanks Ron and Lisa!