Powerful Green Drinks for Diabetes 2 Help Reverse Disease
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Powerful Green Drinks for Diabetes 2 Help Reverse Disease

Type-2 Diabetes is a devastating disease that has been troubling population for over 2000 years. While research and cures have come a long ways, diet and nutrition also should be considered. "Green drinks" are a healthy option for Type-2 Diabetics due to the powerful nutrients and combination of protein and carbohydrate ratios.

Diabetes 2 has plagued the world population for over 2000 years and since the devastating disease came into play, the medical profession and researchers have struggled with the arduous process of finding cures. While physicians in the 17th century prescribed “sweet almonds, gelly of viper’s flesh and rose oil,” decades went by until insulin extract came about. With insulin syringes then pumps followed by glucose meters and finally medications, many have not speculated the power of nutrients to fight this fatal disease. There are a multitude of vitamins and minerals that can reverse symptoms of the disease or even stop it in its tracks. Although Type 2 Diabetes is progressive, there are possibilities that nutrition can play a big part in healing this silent killer.

One way to easily obtain many potent vitamins and minerals for a Type-2 Diabetic is drinking a “green drink” once or twice per day. There are several green drinks pre-made on the market usually containing spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass and barley grass. if one is not familiar with downing a ‘green drink”, it is best to start slow thinking of it as nourishment or medicine. Dr. Michael Murray, author of “How to Treat and Prevent Diabetes with Natural Medicine,” recommends consumption either 20 minutes prior to eating or 2 hours after a meal.

Green foods are packed with nutritional value. According to Web MD, studies at the University of Baroda in Gujarat, India recently revealed that spirulina may help with regulating blood sugar. Green drinks hold a multitude of antioxidants as well, protecting the cells, keeping free radicals at bay. There is also green powder available which works well with water or diluted juice. What are these “green superfoods” and what do they actually do for the diabetic?

Spirulina--Micro-algae that aids in regulating blood sugar containing close to perfect ratio of proteins and carbohydrates. The result is keeping a stream of energy going without the spike. Also, spirulina can curb appetite, helping to reduce the cravings of sweet carbohydrates.

Chlorella--Full of phytochemicals, chlorella, another source of algae, keeps the liver clean and aids in detoxifying the body. When the body is clean, it metabolizes effectively.

Wheat Grass--Derived from the wheat family, wheat grass is loaded with powerful nutrients such as vitamins A, B complex, C, K, and E. It also contains vital minerals such as magnesium, calcium and amino acids--all very important for Type-2 Diabetics. It rids toxins out of the body and helps maintain good bacteria in the gut.

Along with a “green drink” that can be made at home with a powder or purchased at a healthy market, consuming a multi-vitamin and staying on a healthy diet are just as important. Also adding a pharmaceutical grade fish oil capsule provides the essential fats needed to stay healthy.

Although research shows positive results with “green foods”, they still have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 


“How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine”; Michael Murray, ND; 2003



Photo; Courtesy of Google Images

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I need to do something about my high blood sugar. I will start drinking these green drinks. Thanks for the helpful and informative tips. I voted this up.

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Good information. Just another tool in the arsenal of medications and foods that will help to control this disease. Voted up.

Nicely done.

Good information with a target on health

Good to know.

It is amazing and encouraging that disease can be reversed with food. Great article -- voted.

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