Signs of Pre-Diabetes
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Signs of Pre-Diabetes

Pre-diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes.

Pre-diabetes should not be confused with Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetes Insipidus. Although you may exhibit many of the same symptoms as a person with Diabetes Mellitus, it doesn't necessarily mean you have the disease. However, what you do have are warning signs for what's to come.

This article is not meant to provide you with the exact medical symptoms you should look for if you are concerned about Diabetes. It's meant to be used as a guide, and the information comes from a pool of individuals who are experiencing Pre-diabetes symptoms.

First of all, let's distinguish between Diabetes Melllitus and Diabetes Insipidus. Diabetes Insipidus ( or DI ) is a health condition that is often distinguished by extreme thirst along with excessively diluted urination . DI is similar in characteristics to untreated Diabetes Mellitus but without the onset of blood glucose elevation. One of the major differences between DI and standard Diabetes is the fact that your urine does not contain glucose.

What is Pre-diabetes?

Is there such a thing as a Pre-diabetes? Yes, and many people have no idea that they have it. In fact, many times the symptoms go unnoticed because they don't exist. Pre-diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. You can read about the guidelines for acceptable blood sugar levels by following the highlighted link. Pre-diabetes is also called impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance. If you do have Prediabetes, many times type 2 diabetes will develop within 5-10 years. This can eventually lead to stroke and heart disease. There are, of course, ways to stop or combat these issues. Maintaining a healthy diet (leave out the sugar) and exercise will ultimately slow down or decrease the onslaught of diabetes.

Now that you understand what Prediabetes is and the differences between Pre-diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus and Insipidus , you'll want to know if you have it.

Signs You Have Diabetes

  1. If you are experiencing unusual thirst and it's not because you just exercised or it's hot outside, you're blood sugar may be elevated.
  2. Do you urinate excessively during the day? You may even feel like you have to urinate and most times you don't.
  3. Blurry vision is also a symptom of Prediabetes. However, if you are not experiencing one of the first two symptoms mentioned, most likely your vision issues are not related to Prediabetes. I wouldn't rule it out though.
  4. If you have a feeling of being tired and sluggish most of the day for no apparent reason. 
  5. Frequent headaches and migraines.

Finally, many people with Prediabetes exhibit no symptoms at all. It imperative to know your family history and to know your own body. If you're significantly overweight, than chances are, you are more prone to getting Pre-diabetes than a person who's maintaining a healthy weight and diet. However, individuals with a long history of diabetes in their family are just as prone to pre-diabetic symptoms.

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Comments (11)

Well written and filled with value for education about the two diabetes conditions.Sorry out of votes right now.

Ranked #31 in Diabetes

excellent my friend, I will tweet and facebook this, no votes left today

I have pre diabetes myself and I take metformin for it. Excellent work my friend!

Ranked #3 in Diabetes

I was just tested and found out I had it, or the beginnings of it at least. I've really had to change my diet and cut out sugar all together.

Returning with a well deserved vote up.

Excellent article, well researched.

A great article for social awareness..

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Thanks. I appreciate it.


It' a topic close to me, so I thought it would be helpful for others.


I think so.

my blood sugar is way up high than started to shoot up few months after i started contributing articles online..dormancy is one factor i supposed.. i started researching about high blood sugar after i was diagnosed and here are some foods to be avoided

Lauren, my dearest friend, I returned with a well deserved vote up! Smile, Chris

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thanks, I have borderline diabetes, and as you have written, I have no symptoms at all. sort of scary.