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Why You Should Have Apple Cider Vinegar Before Meals If You Are Diabetic

This article is about how apple cider vinegar can be beneficial to those with diabetes. It explains how apple cider vinegar helps to stave off after man blood sugar spikes. It also talks about how apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight and just how it accomplishes that. There is also instructions how to use it.

Recent studies have shown that taking 1 to 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider vinegar before meals can help reduce insulin and glocose spikes.  Blood sugar spikes are very dangerous and every time you have a spike you are doing just a little bit more damage to your body.  In time that can lead to heart disease, blindness, neoropathy and stroke among other things.  Apple Cider Vinegar should not be taken in place of your perscribed medication but in addition to it.

Why does apple cider vinegar help diabetics?  It helps because it helps to bring down the Glycemic Index of the foods you are eating.  Apple Cider vinegar is also known for its weight loss properties which can only enhance the heath of a diabetic even further.  Apple Cider vinegar is known to improve postprandial insulin sensitivity in insulin senstive peoplel.  Postprandial is a fancy word for after a meal.  So what I am saying is that Apple Cider Vinegar can help keep blood sugar from spiking after a meal.  A small spike in blood sugar is normal as your body is working to digest the food, after an hour or two however the blood sugar should return to a normal more desirable state. 

Apple cider vinegar also helps to digest proteins effectively.  The acid inature of the vinegar helps balance the body's acid/alaline balance.  Since apple cider vinegar is made with apples it also contains pectins.  Pectin is a natural form of fiber.  These pectins help to clean out the digestive tract and carry bad stuff out of the body.  They can also help to control appetite a bit. 

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

For best results drink 1 to 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar 3 tmies per day before meals.  Start out with just one tablespoon then after a few days add the second one.  It is not terribly pleasant, but if you drink it down quckly from a spoon letting it slide off the spoon and down in to your throat you won't really notice it that much.  I usually don't have a probem with the first spoonfull bu the second one is sometimes rough.  Since I weigh under 150 I feel one tablespoon is likely enough for me anyways.

If you don't want to drink it straight you can mix it with 8 oz of distilled water.  If you are not diabetic you can add a teaspoon of raw honey, if you are diabetic you can use a couple of drops or one packet of Stevia to sweeten up the drink. 

For best resluts use an apple cider vinegar that is made with organic apples. 

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Comments (4)

Thank you for your wise research with apple cider vinegar.

I am not diabetic but I regularly take apple cider. I just love it!

Ranked #31 in Diabetes

I wote about this topic too a while back

Ranked #1 in Diabetes

I have started doing this, I started yesterday, I will report my results in a a week or so.